DotonPartnershipPageAs an affiliate of Leica Camera AG, we have been able to achieve the ideal of transfering the extraordinary image qualities of Leica photography to the medium of motion pictures, enabling cinematographers to open up new creative dimensions. The long-standing partnership between our two companies supports an intensive exchange of experience, technical expertise, and manufacturing methods that guarantee the imaging performance and characteristics for which Leica lenses are renowned.

For more information about the cameras, lenses and sport optics available from Leica Camera, as well as their global network of retail stores and galleries, visit their website.

Leica Camera



The global production community is the biggest little family in the world. The men and women who dedicate their lives to supporting the creation of beautiful images and captivating stories work hard to bring excitement, entertainment, education and enlightenment to all of us through the power of moving pictures.

CW Sonderoptic is proud to support a number of groups and organizations whose strive to educate, protect and serve production professionals every day.


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